Monday, November 28, 2016

Poinsettia Hunting

Hello everyone!

How you been?!  Hope you're doing fine :).

Well i'm out of exams now, on a little "vacation" 'cause i gotta go back to study on Dec. 1st! (how boring) haha and to approach the time i have now, i finally went out and take some pictures to share a new outfit with you!. This time a little bit different, since i went on a trip to another city of my country called Antigua Guatemala, this is a very nice place, it has a incomparable colonial style so once you're in, you feel the difference on the streets because they're made of rocks (yes, rocks, even the weather is very different to my hometown, so thinking about how the weather was going to be, i decided to wear this outfit.

First, i'm wearing a black t-shirt that has this print that i really love, i think it's funny haha what 'bout you?, then i combined it with a very basic pair of blue jeans, black socks, my inseparable black creepers <3 and as i knew it was gonna be kinda cold i took this plaid shirt, that actually really helped me out i mean it wasn't that cold but i'm not very used to that kind of weather, so it was very good having it!. 

As a accesorie i'm wearing this Diamond bag - that i have on other posts. I'm not wearing eyeliner this time 'cause i was feeling a little bit sick today (Very laz for that) but that didn't turn me off to be blogging! :) oh, and i'm wearing my glasses also! 

I took the pictures on a Poinsettia Viverium, since my fam and i went to buy some of them to decorate home to get it into the "christmas vibes" i loooove this flowers, we go almost every year to pick some of them; there were three different types: red, pink and yellow - we decided on reds :).

I really hope you enjoy the pictures and like the outfit!. 
Thanks once again for stoping by and read.
Have a nice week everyone! See you next time :).

Black tee: Shein
Plaid shirt: Mattelsa GT
Creepers: T.U.K. Footwear
Lipstick: Colourpop - Avenue


¿Cómo están? Espero bien :)

Bueno, yo fuera de exámenes por ahora en pequeñas "vacaciones", ya que debo regresar a estudiar el 1 de Diciembre otra vez (que aburrido)! haha y para aprovechar el tiempo que tengo ahora, finalmente salí a tomar algunas fotos para compartir un nuevo outfit con uds.! Esta vez, algo diferente ya que salí a un pequeño viaje a otra ciudad de mi país llamada Antigua Guatemala, es un lugar demasiado bonito con un estilo colonial incomparable <3 y una vez ahí se siente la diferencia en las calles, ya que son de piedra, (sí, de piedra), incluso hasta el clima es diferente a la ciudad en donde vivo, así que pensando en cómo iba a estar el clima decidí usar este outfit.

Primero, estoy usando esta blusa negra con ese diseño impreso y un mensaje que me parece gracioso haha ... y a ustedes? la combiné con pantalones azules muy básicos, calcetas negras y mis inseparables creepers negros <3 y como sabía que iba a estar un poco frío me llevé esta camisa a cuadros, que en realidad me ayudó un poco, digo no estaba taaaan frío, pero no estoy tan acostumbrada al clima de ahí, así que fue muy bueno tenerla!.

Como accesorio estoy usando mi bolsa de diamante- que tengo en otros posts. Esta vez no estoy usando delineador, la verdad me estaba sintiendo un poco enferma y muuy perezosa para eso jaja pero no me apagó para bloguear hoy y ah también estoy usando mis lentes!.

Tomé las fotos en un Vivero de Pascuas, mi famiia y yo fuimos a comprar unas para decorar la casa y darle esa "vibra navideña", me encaaantan esas flores, vamos casi cada año a escogerlas, habían de tres tipos: rojas, rosadas y amarillas - nos decidimos por las Rojas :).

Espero disfruten las fotos y les guste el outfit!.
Gracias de nuevo por tomarse el tiempo de leerme!
Tengan una buena semana, nos vemos :).


  1. Such a awesome pictures, Krissia!! They turned out so pretty! And you look so comfy in this outfit, I mean don't exist something more comfy than a plaid shirt & creepers! Keep it up, dear, you rock!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your amazing words Lu! and yes, i was very comfty on everything :) and i'm so glad you liked it!
      Take care dear, have a nice week <3

  2. Beautiful photos darling!! You look so freaking cool and the contrast of the black and white with your outfit and the red of the flowers is stellar. You're getting me into the Christmas spirit with the poinsettias hehe! That tee is awesome. Normal people scare me too hahaha. And I wish I had a black and white checkered shirt like that.. it's so versatile and edgy at the same time. Awesome post love, keep em coming! <333

    1. Aww thank you soo much Susanna! Your words mean a lot to me, seriously! It makes me so happy that i'm getting you into the mood! haha those flowers are so cute :) and also so glad that you liked the outfit <3 the message on the tee is my fav ever hahaha! Have a great week darling <3!

  3. the bag and the t-shirt are so cool!

  4. Beautiful photos, Krissia! <3 The red flower background looks so cool with your outfit! And the t-shirt is so rad.