Sunday, February 7, 2016



How are you?

I'm finally here after a long and tired week.
Today was a windy day over here, and i was very happy 'cause days like this one reminds me to my childhood,  i don't know why but it always does... wait! i think i know; it's because since i was a child i've always loved strong windy days!, they're sooo special to me!. 

So well, taking advantage of this weather, i thought about in using this sweater or long sleeve shirt if you want to call it like that, that i added to my wardrobe like 1 month ago and got it at a local store called "BISOU" and i totally love all the desing that it has, the stripes on the sleeves and of course the "MEOW" letter prints with the little cat mustaches, ahhh it's breath taking to me hah - also i think i'm a little obsessed with cat things, my bad-!

Also i decided to combine it with this amazing leggings with galaxy crosses on it and finally with my really comfty Vans Classic that i haven't showed here in the blog and this particular diamond bag that always add a sparkle on every outfit.

Hope you like it, thanks for taking your precious time to read!

Take care & see you on the next post!

Bye <3

Sweater: BISOU
Shoes: Vans
Lipstick: Limecrime - Wicked
Bag: Aliexpress



¿Cómo están?

Finalmente estoy aquí después de una larga y cansada semana.
Hoy fue un inusual día con viento y estaba contenta porque los días como este me recuerdan a mi infancia, no se porque pero siempre me pasa... esperen! creo que lo sé, es porque desde que estaba pequeña me encantaban los días con viento fuerte, son taaan especiales para mí!.

Así que bueno, aprovechando el clima, decidí usar este suéter o blusa de manga larga si prefieren llamarlo así, que añadí a mi armario hace como 1 mes y lo conseguí en una tienda local llamada "BISOU" y amé totalmente el diseño que tiene, las rayas en las mangas y el estampado que dice "Meow" con los bigotitos de gato ahh me quita el aliento hah - creo que estoy un poco obsesionada con las cosas de gato- 

También decidí combinarlo con estas leggings con "cruces de galaxia" y finalmente con mis súper cómodos Vans Classic, que no había enseñado por acá y esta particular bolsa con forma de diamante que siempre agrega un brillo a cada atuendo.

Espero les guste, y gracias por tomar de su precioso tiempo para leer!.

Cuídense y nos vemos en el siguiente post.

Bye! <3


  1. Such a rad look Krissia! I love the leggings so much. And that purse.. I want it! Hehe. And don't fret about being obsessed with cat things... I am too! Cat things are the best. <33

    1. aww thank you so much dear Susanna! and yes, cat things are puurrfect haha!<3 Take care and always thank you for leaving sweet comments ! <3

  2. I loved your sweater! I must admit I'm also kind of obsessed with things of cats haha <3
    Great combo!!

    1. I know!! haha cat things are so rad! Thank you so much Lu <3, take care :)

  3. so cute! love the sweater and purse. i'm obsessed with cat things too haha they're my favorite animal.

    1. Thank you so much Emma! <3 and of course cats are amazing!