Monday, December 14, 2015


Hey there!

How are you?

I'm good!. Yesterday was one of those days were i felt very unstressed (at least at the moment), and i felt that it was the time to upload a new outfit, so here i am :).

I was shooting at my neighborhood, and well what can i say? IT WAS HARD this time! the cars were annoying me, they kept passing over and over again, so i took me some more mins. than usual to have the pictures bah!.

Well, i decided to wear this rare panda t-shirt (you're probably guessing why i'm saying "rare" right?) well, it's cause look at it, i mean Pandas don't wear glasses! Or do they? haha, it has some little brightly colored stones, plus i matched them with this red "punky" leggings that i actually love so much, the 2 sides Diamond bag (the other side is silver) as accesorie and Polka Dot Creepers shoes.

See you on the next post!
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T- Shirt: Love Pink
Leggings: Carrion GT. 
Creepers: T.U.K. Footwear - Dollskill
Lipstick- Limecrime "WICKED": Dollskill - Limecrime

¿Como están?

Yo estoy bien!. Ayer fue uno de esos días en los que me sentí desestresada (al menos por el momento, y sentí que era la hora de subir un nuevo outfit, así que aquí estoy!.

Estaba tomando las fotos en mi vecindario, y qué les puedo decir? FUE DIFÍCIL esta vez! los carros me molestaron un poco haha, no dejaban de pasar, así que me tardé un poco más de lo usual tomando las fotos ah!.

Bueno, decidí usar esta "rara" blusa con un diseño de Panda en ella,(se preguntarán porque digo que es "rara", bueno es porque digo, los Pandas no usan lentes, o si? jaja, además tiene unas como piedritas de colores brillantes, las combiné con estas leggings rojas estilo punk, que me encantan!, bolsa de diamante de dos colores (del otro lado es plateada) como accesorio y Creepers.

Nos vemos en el siguiente post!.
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Cuídense ~



  1. Awesome blog, outstanding look! 👍👍👍

  2. Awesome blog, outstanding look! 👍👍👍

  3. I love this outfit! You are so adorable. And you always have the best purses! I know what you mean about shooting in your neighborhood. It can be such a pain! I wish we could just reserve a space to shoot photos where no one can bother us! Haha. Keep being awesome Krissia!

    1. Aww thank you so much! So sweet like always darling <3!
      Ah yeah i wish we could, so we can take our pics peacefully hahaha!
      Take care sweet Susanna :)!

  4. I loved your blog and your style! <3