Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey what's up!! i'm here!

Hey what's up, how are you?
Well i'm showing up here again! I'ts cause i haven't had an idea to write here and just when i was going to post, i was robbed :(. I was gonna show you a beautiful black leather purse, and the outfits you can mach it... it had spikes everywere, it was really cute.

But yeah i guess i'm over it.... A while ago i was thinking in something that well, it's guess is a good idea to post, and if you'd like to buy the next items i'm gonna show you i'll be very glad to give you the links, only if you want:

Well i'm waiting for the arrive of an Alien Print Skirt, i bought on the online store Romwe it's really awesome and it's totally my style, i'll show you:

Cute huh? I love the Aliens Print and it's like to match it with a black blouse, black tights and Creepers shoes, don't you think?

I'm also waiting for a pair of Mermaid leggings i bought on eBay, they're really cute too, there are tons of styles of them, but i loved this in particular, i'll show you:

I hope they look as the picture in real life lol! You can use them with Creepers shoes too or with black combat Boots, but if you like you cant match them like you want! :)

Well i guess that's all, hope you like it and don`t forget to leave your commets and +1 :D

Byeeee!! Greetings!

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